Orange crush 35rt vs boss katana 50

Then there is the Orange Crush Pro 60c at A$999 with a street price of A$800. It’s a stunning amp and equal but definitely not better than the Boss and considerably less versatile. A Yamaha THR10 is $379 street and around $500 retail and that is more expensive than the Boss Katana 50 .

Orange Crush 35RT Guitar Amp Combo Black 2 channel solid state Crush 1x10 Reverb and Tuner 35 Watts 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. £209.00 ... Boss Katana 50 1x12 Guitar Combo.

May 01, 2017 · I have an Orange 35LDX, the precursor to the one you mention, and I also have a Roland Cube 80, which is sort of a forerunner of the Boss Katana series. (Roland and Boss brand names are under the same company). The Orange amps have a bit of "their own thing" to the sound. Boss Says: Katana—the traditional sword carried by the historic samurai of Japan—is a symbol of honor, precision, and artistry in Japanese culture. Adopting the majestic sword’s name with pride, the Katana series presents guitar amplifiers with smooth,... Orange Crush 35RT 1 X 10" 35W Guitar Combo Amplifier - Black. $259.00 $319.00. ... Boss Katana-50 MkII 50W 1 x 12" Guitar Combo Amplifier. $229.99 $349.99.

Boss Katana 50 is $50 more expensive than the average guitar combo amplifier ($149.99). Orange Crush 35RT is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. It's in the top 3 bestselling guitar combo amplifiers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as ZT Lunchbox Junior or Line 6 AMPLIFi . Questions about the Orange Crush 35RT - 35-watt 1x10" Combo Amp? Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Bought this little monster, because tired to bear my Marshall tube head&cabinet around the town each weekend. Despite the light weight this combo has enough power to crush stage at any pub and make drums sound as mosquito (actually, I respect all band members and profess harmony and sound balance, but what I want to say is that nobody can drown this little one out if you don't want to). The Orange 35RTs replaced the Vox amps. Most of the rooms also have a Fender Frontman 65R. I think those are lasting a long time because they're too loud for the room and no one uses them. There is a workaround for this. Turn the bass practically off and cut the mids quite a bit too. At least with my Tele the Orange 35RT has way too much bass ... BOSS Katana 50 50-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier Amp w/ Built-In Effects BOSS Katana 50: $199.99 ... 35RT*1x10 BLACK -35W Orange*Crush Tuner FREE Combo & w/ SHIP ... May 02, 2014 · I finally have enough money for a proper tube head and cab rig. I had my sights set on a Blackstar HT-50 but I just stumbled across an Orange TH-30h for a very similar price used. My problem is that no where locally carries either and I'd have to travel too far to be practical to try them out...